Affordable Gemstone Jewelry

Affordable Gemstone Jewelry

You might be asking yourself now what exactly is the point of all this. Maybe it’s clear already, or maybe you’d like to know more. The following is a thorough description of what Emily Rose Gems the brand is about, and WHY.

September 2018 Collection

So since you have been reading my blog up to now, you must understand and agree that gemstones are powerful. They are mysterious, subtle energy giving treasures and if you’re like me, you really just want MORE of them! More opportunity to wear them, experiment, learn, incorporate them into our lives and onto our bodies. They sound really interesting and maybe during my time on this planet I should collect those items that inspire and intrigue me! Ok now I’m just thinking out loud.

September 2018 Collection - side

But seriously, once I realized that all gemstones were slightly different and made me feel in different ways, I began my very pokemon like journey to try to touch, catch, and have as many as I possibly could. In the beginning of this journey, I discovered fell in love with a designer named Jamie Joseph, whose rings will always be the gold standard in my mind of the ultimate setting for a gemstone. She takes the subtle beauty and simplicity of every stone, and sets them so simply, using the highest quality metals and craftsmanship. Her rings are one of a kind, and STUNNING, definitely cost what they are worth. But on my budget, it will sadly be a while before owning one of her stunners.

Winter 2018 Collection

And then I thought, I wonder if there are people out there like me? People that are dying to wear and enjoy these stones, but just can’t afford to save for a one-of-a-kind designer beauty! Emily Rose Gems was then born. I realized that if I design a small batch of rings at one time, and have them made in the jewelry capital of the world, Jaipur, India, where stones are inexpensive and abundant and the US dollar is strong, then I could sell them for only a fraction of the one-of-a-kind price! Now, like me, you can build your collection.

Rose Quartz Ring

Gemstones are still an investment, and it helps to know that the way I design them, using all sterling silver and 14k gold plate, they will last forever. The gold might wear, but they are easily replated. The importance is that it doesn’t add to the price. I never use gold to increase a price, only for the look of it. Some stones seem to need a gold accent to shine their brightest. Also anywhere it looks like there is a diamond, it is really white topaz, to enhance the function of the stone it is with. You can expect from me new designs each season, and new stones as well. I’m going to keep moving through them until I collect them all! If you see one you love, just know that there are only 20 or fewer of that variety, and I will probably not reproduce any styles. I’m always open to suggestions for what stones you guys want to see. My next line is being designed now and six new styles will be released for Spring! Thanks for reading!

- Emily

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