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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I exchange my rings? They don't fit.

A: If you send me your rings back, and include a note that you prefer an exchange, and If I happen to have the exact ring in stock that you want to exchange for, then sure I can do it. Click here for return instructions. I don’t have every single size of every single ring in stock all the time. I have limited inventory. You can look at what I have in stock by going to “shop quick ship by size” under “gems” in the main menu. Most of the time, returns come in and I refund them. Click Here to Shop by Size

Q: Do you make the rings?
A: I personally design the rings. They are made by hand in Jaipur, India by a talented team of jewelers. Learn More
Q: Why does it say it takes 45 days to make some things?
A: Anything that says "45 days" has yet to be manufactured. You can shop our current stock of products by going to "gems" and then "shop quick ship by size" in the main menu. Or click here
Q: Can you help me track my order?
A: Try searching by order number, email or phone number when you click "track orders" at the top menu bar, or click here
Q: How can I polish the stone on my ring?
A: Try rubbing it with a scrap of denim and some toothpaste. Click here for more care tips
Q: How can I clean the silver on my ring?
A: Try following the instructions in this video
Q: Do you sell wholesale?
A: We do! Click Here
Q: How big are the stones?
A: The measurements for every stone are in their description. 
Q: Are the rings sterling silver?
A: Yes, everything is 925 sterling silver