Blue Lace Agate To Aid Communication

Blue Lace Agate To Aid Communication

Today I want to tell you guys a story about a disagreement I had with my husband.  You see, we just kept butting heads, for days, every time we tried to hash out this one particular disagreement we kept having. Because in marriage, we know that we must eventually find a way to move forward together, even when both parties don't agree. 

So needless to say, we hit a roadblock, and neither one of our stubborn Leo or Taurus personalities was going to budge. So I tried something! I grabbed my extra long blue lace agate beads, and put them around my neck. I approached my husband calmly and asked him if he was ready to talk.  As soon as his voice started to tense up, and I could tell the talk was turning into an argument, I took off the beads and asked him to put them on.  His tone changed immediately. 

We ended up actually being able to work through our disagreement, and find a constructive outcome. Even better? The case really was closed after that day. A long week of start and stop arguments had come to a head in a calm, collaborative discussion, aided by none other than blue lace agate beads!

I know you're probably thinking at this point - DUH! If they help you, of course they could also help your husband! And it's true. They often do. I have more than once thrown a necklace on him that I felt like he was needing that day. And he usually says that he likes the feeling of them, or enjoyed wearing them.  But that's usually where his analysis ends. I'm much more sensitive, curious, and actively interested in what gemstones might be doing to affect me. He's more of a skeptic, so if there was a subtle difference, he might not even have noticed it.

But man, these beads. I'm telling you. We haven't had an argument since this one, but I am definitely going to be reaching for the beads the next time we do! I have never experienced such an immediate change in someone ELSE'S energy after putting a stone on them. This was just such an interesting and educational a moment for us.

So, to all of you, I urge you to try this out! (In your own way, of course.) But seriously! The next time you witness someone close to you showing signs that you know a gem might help, go ahead and hand them one! See what happens! Maybe you will find a new tool to keep in your toolbox of interpersonal band aids. I know I have! Peace Love and Gemstones,


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