Carnelian for Confidence

Carnelian for Confidence

Carnelian is hands down my favorite crystal and here’s why. It’s fiery energy motivates you to use your gifts with confidence. 

It activates your root chakra so that you feel grounded as you turn your dreams into plans.

Creative people often use carnelian in their meditative practices when they are feeling a block. Carnelian's unique vibration encourages you to try and try and try again. 

This powerful tool of manifestation can be seen as a mentor who believes in your raw talent but encourages you To develop practices that will stoke your growth.

Carnelian beads are like tiny balls of fire. Whether they are an accent piece to the perfect outfit or are being used in meditation as a spiritual catalyst, The Carnelian never misses when it comes to kicking you into the right gear. 

Every time you see a carnelian ring on your hand you’ll be reminded that you’re kind of a baddie. That little bit of attention the stone gives will put a little pep in your step. 

Carnelian can be used in ritual too! Carnelian’s connected to the planet Mars, the Tarot card the heirophant, And the herb cinnamon. 

Even though Mars is the planet of war, It’s connection with carnelian is more about getting stuff done. Their shared energy is just like the moment right before you jump off the high dive at the pool. Everything is exciting and the time to hesitate is through. 

Carnelian’s connection to the heirophant It’s all about confidence. In tarot, the heirophant represents spiritual structure. So carnelian and the heirophant bless you with spiritual autonomy.

Finally carnelian’s are herbal BFF cinnamon. These two are buddies because they challenge us to protect the things that we love. Cinnamon is the inner bark of a tree. So that tells us that cinnamon once asked to be protected as we continue to grow. And carnelians unique vibrations carry that same banner. 

So taking all of these things into account, When using carnelian in ritual or meditation, It’s playful personality will always encourage you to trust yourself and to continue to create because you are grounded and safe.

Mind your magic xx,

Rhea from the Persistent Pestle

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