Checkered Cut Collector's Set

Checkered Cut Collector's Set

Our most popular fit, checkered cut is a sparkly treat. I've put together this complimentary collection so you can have them all.  Checkered cut shows off the specular highlights of the stones, emphasizing the natural beauty. These rings definitely get noticed!  Add each one to your cart for big savings, or browse the rest of our huge collection. 

Rose Quartz is the stone of self love. I swear this pink gem is a promise to see the good inside YOU. You'll love how she makes you feel. 

Clear Quartz is the most easy and classic gem. It matches everything because it is simple and clear like water. You'll amplify the good vibes and wear this one again and again.

Green Amethyst is a sparkly treat. This crystal is clear as they come with the slightest green hue. It definitely gives a boost to matters of the heart. I love wearing this one by water.

Hematite is the newest style we have added to the mix. We are currently only taking preorders for this gorgeous gem. (give us a month to get them in stock!) Hematite is a power house of a stone that gives you fuel like a battery. You'll love the gorgeous simplicity of this ring.

I recommend you wearing these on a ring finger, either hand. In fact, you'll probably rotate between the two. I like to say that left hand is for energy in, and right hand is for energy out. I usually start a new stone on my left hand while I get to know it. Some never leave from there!

This style does fit true to size. As always, anything that doesn't fit you may send back for an exchange or refund.

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