Citrine for Manifestation and More

Citrine for Manifestation and More

Citrine is the sunflower of the crystal family. 

It’s bright yellow to auburn hues activate your solar plexus, which is where all of your motivation stems from.

Citrine's unique vibration has the ability to get right on into your insecurities and remind you how powerful you are. Just like sunflowers grow big and tall, citrine encourages you to stand up straight and be exactly who you are. 

It is out of that deep self confidence, that citrine can bring you abundance. Its powerful connection to prosperity is probably what it is known best for. But just like anything, goodness grows out of hard work.

Abundance comes in many shapes and sizes. There is the obvious money, possessions, and career aspect but that is just one shade of prosperity. There’s also belly laughs, travel, and meaningful connection. 

And it sounds almost too good to be true but citrine is a magnet for all of these things. Its energy makes you hyper aware of what really matters to you and gives you the ability to manifest it.


Citrine encourages you to believe in yourself, in your goals, and trust the folks around you.  Its contact with your skin will literally help you vibrate higher.


Citrine can also be used in ritual.

Citrine is closely related to the planet Mercury, the tarot card the magician, and lemon plants. 

The planet Mercury is famous because of its ability to facilitate meaningful conversation. Mercury is the Roman messenger God Who is able to traverse between heaven, hell, and here. So when you think of citrine as a messenger think about feeling confident in how you call things into being.

Similarly citrine’s connection to the tarot card the magician is all about manifesting. The magician teaches the fool that everything we need lives inside of us. He introduces the fool to all of the elements and teaches him how to utilize energy so that he can be his fullest self. The magician and citrine are all about turning a possibility into reality. And that is powerful magic.

Finally citrine’s plant cousin lemon! It’s obvious that citrine has Similar etymology. Citrine citrus, citrine citrus. They share a brightness that empowers us to make the best out of every situation. Spiritually speaking, lemons are often used in cleansing rituals. Citrine has that same energy but it’s less about dirt and grime and more about clearing space for new blessings to come in.

So when using these spiritual tools in ritual you can meditate with your citrine crystal, channel the energy of the magician, cleanse negative energy with a lemon, And use the power of mercury to tell the universe exactly what you want to manifest. 

Relish in your abundance, my friend.

Mind your magic xx,

Rhea from the Persistent Pestle


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