Cycles, Hormones, Balance

blue lace agate and black onyx beads

Hey there. So I’ve been thinking a lot about hormones and imbalance lately because of how wonky I feel like my hormones get during my period. I started to think about how hormones are really just affecting the flow of masculine/feminine energy going into my body, and that’s something that I can more targetedly use gemstones to try and fix.

The left side of my body is the feminine side. It takes in the world around me, and makes me feel things. The right side of my body is the masculine side. It is responsible for giving out my energy back into the world. This is why hugs are so amazing, right? Your energy flows out and through another person and then back into yourself. Woah.

Anyway I digress. So I have been noticing that I do this thing to balance my masculine/feminine energy, and that is that when I incorporate a new gemstone ring into my daily wear, I always start it on my left hand. It’s like I can better feel what the ring is doing for me this way. After a day or so, I get comfortable with the sensation of it, and inevitably move it to my right hand. There it hangs out another day or so, and then the cycle is complete and my body is calling for a different stone.

lapis lazuli

Since I have begun treating my periods and masculine/feminine energy this way I have felt myself “bounce back” much quicker than normal. Usually my body takes a few days to adjust both during my period and after, but while using gemstones I have felt refreshed and clearer overall.

Everyone’s needs are different, and it is important to use the stones that call out to YOU when balancing your own masculine/feminine energy. I also find that different times of the year draw me to different stones. The stones I most recently used to get me through my cycle were:

    • Amazonite

      • days 1-4 left hand

      • days 4-8 right hand

    • Lapis

      • days 1-4 left hand

      • days 4-8 right hand

    • Blue Lace Agate

      • days 1-3 left hand

      • days 4-6 right hand

    • smoky quartz

      • days 6-8 left hand

      • day 8 right and left hand

lapis lazuli and amazonite
The quartz is bringing back my feminine energy and charging me up with what I felt I was lacking. The other thing that I felt during my period was that during the time that I was bleeding I could not wear quartz. It felt like it was tapping me of my energy during those days. I needed soothing blues and grounding stones.

smoky quartz ring

Have you incorporated them into your cycle? Reach out and let me know what you feel gemstones do for you to help balance your energy! Thank you so much for reading and have a wonderful day!