Gems and Tarot

Gems and Tarot

here's a list of 50 gemstones and their associated tarot cards:

  1. Amethyst: The High Priestess
  2. Aquamarine: The Star
  3. Aventurine: The Nine of Swords
  4. Black Onyx: The Tower
  5. Bloodstone: The Knight of Swords
  6. Carnelian: The Six of Wands
  7. Citrine: The Sun
  8. Clear Quartz: The Magician
  9. Emerald: The Four of Cups
  10. Fluorite: The Six of Swords
  11. Garnet: The Knight of Pentacles
  12. Hematite: The Ten of Swords
  13. Iolite: The Nine of Cups
  14. Jasper: The Emperor
  15. Labradorite: The Moon
  16. Lapis Lazuli: The Judgement
  17. Moonstone: The Hanged Man
  18. Obsidian: The Death
  19. Onyx: The Ten of Pentacles
  20. Peridot: The Eight of Swords
  21. Rose Quartz: The Lovers
  22. Sapphire: The Three of Swords
  23. Selenite: The High Priestess
  24. Smoky Quartz: The Eight of Cups
  25. Sunstone: The Star
  26. Tiger's Eye: The Nine of Wands
  27. Topaz: The Two of Swords
  28. Tourmaline: The King of Wands
  29. Unakite: The Four of Swords
  30. Vesuvianite: The Hermit
  31. Apatite: The Five of Swords
  32. Azurite: The Fool
  33. Bloodstone: The King of Swords
  34. Chrysoprase: The Nine of Pentacles
  35. Citrine: The Wheel of Fortune
  36. Fluorite: The Four of Wands
  37. Hematite: The Nine of Swords
  38. Labradorite: The High Priestess
  39. Larimar: The Magician
  40. Malachite: The Ten of Cups
  41. Moonstone: The Hanged Man
  42. Obsidian: The Tower
  43. Peridot: The Six of Swords
  44. Red Jasper: The Emperor
  45. Rose Quartz: The Lovers
  46. Sapphire: The Three of Swords
  47. Selenite: The High Priestess
  48. Smoky Quartz: The Eight of Cups
  49. Sunstone: The Star
  50. Turquoise: The Two of Cups.

It's important to note that these associations can vary greatly among different tarot readers and traditions, and they should not be used as a substitute for professional advice or guidance. The tarot is a tool for self-discovery and personal growth, and it is best used in conjunction with one's own intuition and inner wisdom.

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