How to Protect Your Energy Using Onyx

How to Protect Your Energy Using Onyx

The sleek, black crystal has quite the reputation for being protective and rightly so. 


Spiritualists of old used onyx any time day wanted to purge a house, a situation, or a person of negative energy.

Its shininess and coloring resemble the night sky and calls us all to take a good look at the shadow. 

I know the term “shadow work” has become kind of trendy. But it is serious work that is not to be taken lightly! 

“I’m doing shadow work” is not an excuse to act poorly. It’s actually the opposite. Shadow work involves radical honesty about the parts of you that you may not like, your fears, and your big hurts. 

One of onyx’s biggest superpowers is that it acts like a shield maiden. In the big battle of shadow work, onyx will hold the line keeping negativity, unwonted influences, and fear at bay. It gives you the courage to not give up on your quest for healing, self actualization, and self-love.


Onyx can also be used in ritual. Its strongest associations are with the planet Mars, the tarot card the tower, and the herb nightshade. These correspondences are powerful for shadow work because they pack as strong as a punch as onyx does. 

Mars is a planet that is closely related to the God of War. But that does not necessarily mean that you should only use onyx when you are in conflict. Mars is also the protector of boundaries and the catalyst for action. So onyx’s association with Mars keeps you going and protects you as you heal yourself.

When the tower shows up in tarot readings a lot of people get scared. The illustration looks a little scary for sure. But just like when a Phoenix burst into flame something beautiful has the opportunity to rise from the ashes. So onyx’s connection with the tower can be seen eyes a symbol of hope after hard times.

Finally, we have onyx’s herbal cousin nightshade a.k.a. belladonna. Belladonna is used in magic as a “flying potion.” It helps you see from different perspectives. (Don’t drink nightshade. This should only be used to dress candles.)

In order to use these tools together, place them all in one area like an altar and meditate on your shadow work journey.

Mind your magic xx,

Rhea from the Persistent Pestle

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