Here I am Blogging

Here I am Blogging

This is me doing research

I’m Emily Rose Maultsby, the woman behind the gems. This will be a place to dump the repository of research I have done and am doing every day on gemstones. There is a WEALTH of information available about them and it is very disorganized. I plan to use this platform to start to organize that information, in the hopes of eventually making it accessible in even easier, infographic type ways. But now I am getting way ahead of myself.

There is always a back story. Mine isn’t unique or fun to hear so we’re just going to say, there was a low point, in my life, and while I was working my way out of it I found gemstones. I began making gemstone necklaces on knotted cotton thread because I loved the feeling of the stones and their calming effect. They were like therapy. I would choose different stones to wear based on how I was feeling, and they would complete me, and balance my energy. I was hooked.

Years later I’m out of the slump and in a really great place in my life with an amazing husband, three wonderful boys, a house in a great town and neighborhood, and my parents living down the street. I still incorporate gemstones into my routine every day, and the benefits just get greater!  

I am now driven to research more and more into the layers of history AND science related to gemstones. I am learning about interesting people like Marcel Vogel and Masaru Emoto, who I will talk about in more detail in weeks to come. It’s all fascinating, so I keep going.

I will always have gemstones in my life, supporting me, balancing me, and improving my focus and awareness. And as I move forward in this research, I’ll include you guys, and I’m always wanting to start conversations, so feel free to do that here. Or send me a DM or email! I am interested in and will cover topics like mother earth, plants, chakras, essential oils, herbalism, alternative medicine, meditation, the law of attraction, the messages in water, the frequency vibration of quartz and MANY MORE. I hope you manifest your best life and follow along.

Thank you so much for reading! (Hopefully at least one person did) I’m not sure how to end a blog, so, over and out!


- Emily

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