Other Things I Do

Other Things I Do

Hello and happy belated groundhog’s day! Welcome. We watched the superbowl last night! Wow, what a game. Sports, right?

Anyhoo, today I will be busy with a few of my other jobs which include feeding 3 boys and myself breakfast, getting myself and two littles dressed, getting my 7yo son to school, feeding the other two and entertaining them while getting the house ready for the cleaning ladies (who were the best decision of my life), measuring and packing a pile of thrifted jeans to sell on poshmark, making lunch for myself & two littles, running a handful of orders to the post office, playing more with kids, photographing thrifted tops and necklaces, picking up my big boy, navigating the end of the day crazies, making dinner, putting 3 kids in bed, and finally posting those poshmark listings.

Vince sweater and emily rose gems black onyx necklace

It does sound like a lot, but it’s actually just one of my daily flows. Monday! Every day I have a different flow and routine, and having such a jam packed (but same all the time) schedule makes it easy to see clearly where I am spending my time. It’s how I make time for so many seemingly different tasks. But juggling aside, it really is a lot. And squeezing in time for myself has become reeeeeally important. It’s one of the reasons I love gemstone jewelry. It’s a minute of my day while I’m getting ready to choose which gemstones I will wear. Choosing my stones is a meditative process and I try a few different ones on while paying attention to the differences I am feeling. I choose based on feel, color, mood that it gives me. It’s like tuning an instrument. Based on my plan for the day and my physical state (healthy, ill, PMSing), I can choose stones that will soothe and protect me. Assist me and empower. And I really feel it. They really do.

white druzy quartz and blue lace agate with howlite beads

After I’ve gotten dressed and chosen my jewelry, the final self care step before entering the world is to put on my oils. I make simple rollerball oil blends using coconut oil, a tiny bit of olive oil, and different essential oils. I roll them onto the backs of my fingers before going outside and I never have to use lotion. The oils protect my skin and the terpenes (smells) of the oils energize me and just feel so good. Please let me know if you’d like me to share more about these because I am happy to post recipes or sell my own blends if it’s something you guys would want! (This is a helpful resource for finding out the purity of different essential oils on the market: Consumers Advocate Logo

In short you guys, I have a lot going on, and life has taught me that for me, having a lot going on is a good thing. More things can happen, there are more surprises, and life is more exciting and less stagnant when you just keep that momentum flowing. Not to say I never rest, there are DEFINITE days for that too. It’s all an ebb and flow of energy. But I love Mondays, and I love starting the week with an energetic buzz. So with that I will say thanks for reading, I hope you have an amazing Monday and I’ll talk to you soon!




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