Rose Quartz & Carnelian

Rose Quartz & Carnelian

I wanted to take a minute and talk about the necklace combo I am wearing here. Specifically the shortest one with the pendant. The vibrations I have come to associate with the stones in this necklace (Carnelian beads & rose quartz pendant) are those of confidence and self love. Let me elaborate. Carnelian is a stone that is often associated with the solar plexus chakra. This is essentially our “middle” - the part of your stomach just between where your ribs are connected. It has been said that from this place, we follow our true path. When you are aligned with your destiny, and listening to your gut, your solar plexus is driving that.

Now, carnelian is known as being a stone for confidence. Often nicknamed “the singer’s stone” because of how it can help performers on the stage.  I love to wear carnelian on a lot of places on my body, but around my neck, it feels very natural and at home.

The pendant I chose to hang from my carnelian beads is rose quartz. A heart stone according to common chakra associations, rose quartz feels amazing when worn around the neck, close to the heart.

You’ll see that I actually doubled up for the photo with beads and a pendant in order to show multiple ways to wear rose quartz, but for a TON of immediate impact, right near your heart, I find this pendant very luxurious and effective. Rose quartz reminds you how to love yourself, and Carnelian reminds you that YOU DESERVE IT!

It has long been known that gemstones can be extremely effective in helping to heal emotional wounds and raise one’s vibrations. The concept behind my jewelry is, why not make working with gemstones a little more effortless? The two seconds it takes each day to adorn yourself with a piece of jewelry based on intuitively choosing stones that your body knows can help you live a better life... why not start now?  Buy a piece of rose quartz for a few dollars on amazon and hold it in your hands. When you get tired of putting gems in your pocket and want a better way to work with them, send me an email. I’m always happy to chat! Your favorite pair of jeans are made with cotton. So are our necklaces. Wear gemstones. Change your vibration. 

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This article is very fascinating and useful. I learned a lot about rose quartz and carnelian and how they can complement each other to improve my love life and creativity. I like how it shows examples of jewelry and meditation with these stones. Thank you for sharing this with me. Have you seen

Carne Lianstone

Hey Sarah and Leah! I’m still learning how to respond to comments here, so hopefully you get my message! The stones work with what I like to call intention. You don’t even need to touch them at all to get their benefits! Putting stones in your line of sight can be just as effective. Essentially, I would hold the intention that you want your stones to represent in your mind when you see or interact with the stones, this way every time you see them or pick them up, the vibration from the intention would surround you and over time, amplify. This of course is not an exact science, but I do believe personally that the intention you set is a BIG part of how well crystals work for you. Sending love!!

-Emily Rose

Emily Rose

I would also like to know the answer to Leah’s question – as I’m hoping to do the same ☺️


Hi so I have a couple of questions

My first one is, so I have a carnelian stone necklace and a rose quartz bracelet would that still work to help raise my vibe, or do they both have to be necklaces. My next question is I’m trying to manifest someone into my life and my friend told me that the combination of carnelian and rose quartz would help it speed up. I’m not sure if you know anything about this kind of stuff but what would I do for it to help my manifestation, like would I rub both stones while im affirming? what would I do?


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