Stones For Thought

Stones For Thought

Hello again loyal readers of this blog! Today I want to talk about how stones make me feel, and I’ll tell you a quick story that happened to me this past week in order to do that.

Druzy quartz and lemon topaz

It was one of those weeks guys. My preschooler has been at home because of problems with the ceiling tiles at school, which means a broken routine and a LOT more time spent doing kid stuff. By school drop off on Wednesday I could feel a major headache coming on. It was one of those stress headaches, right between the eyes, and I could feel it slowly building. These headaches usually lead to an extremely long and painful day, an early bedtime and an at least attempted afternoon nap. That morning, I was wearing my big white druzy ring. It had been my go-to all last week when my energy was buzzing and my husband was working from home more than usual, supporting me.

Druzy quartz and howlite beads

I had just read recently about the effect of wearing a druzy quartz. Supposedly, all the facets shoot your energy out in every direction. It’s the ring to wear when you want to influence a crowd. Ok this had definitely been feeling true last week, since I wore this ring in a number of situations where I was meeting one or more new people, and I was definitely feeling influential and powerful energy. Wednesday, however, I got back from drop off, looked down at my hand, and had the immediate feeling that the ring was tapping my energy, and I was tapped out. I took it off, and replaced it with my Amazonite ring. Amazonite is a self care ring. It is said to cure headaches. I wanted to try.

amazonite ring

I actually felt some relief the moment I slid it onto my finger, and within an hour, my headache had faded entirely. And it didn’t come back at all. I ended up having a wonderfully productive day! No naps, no crashes. I couldn’t believe it. Headaches are a real thing that happen to me occasionally, and as much as I love gemstones for their enhancing energies, I never actually tried using one as a cure. I couldn’t believe how well it worked. But after some consideration, I have some theories as to why.

Emily Underwater

Our bodies are constantly vibrating. Our “waters” are in constant motion, which when you look at any body of water, you can see what that means. Vibrations, patterns, rhythms, waves. Even a glass of water needs very little disruption to be totally in motion. When something throws us “off” and out of whack, it’s as simple as that our vibrations are off. They are not operating at their usual flow. We need something to correct them. This is what I feel that gemstones to. Gemstones all have very subtle and unique vibrations, which interact with ours, ever so slightly. Once you begin interacting with gemstones, you will become more attuned to their specific subtle qualities, and you will also be able to tune your own vibrations, getting yourself back to flow, or even enhancing certain elements of your flow.

Amazonite Ring

My body needed that ring, and I wore it without taking it off for the next 3 days. Guys, Amazonite got me through this week. It was like the itty bitty crutch that my body needed to just tweak my energy ever so slightly. When I was ready to release it (Friday night, after an amazing night out with an old friend) my body felt ready to be on it’s own again. Without enhancements.

So now I want to ask you guys to do something fun. Go find a couple different gemstones that you own. It doesn’t matter if they are jewelry or just stones. I like rings because they stay in contact with my body, and also my hands feel like sources that give and take a lot of energy, but any gemstones will work for this. Pick up and hold each stone for a couple seconds, and pay attention to the sensations. To me, they either feel like they “fit” (like a puzzle piece), or they feel not quite right. And they feel different to me every day, depending on my needs. So once you feel one that fits, take it with you. Either wear it, or put it in your pocket, or on your desk so you keep touching it and looking at it throughout the day. Then tell me what you found! Does it make you want to try it again tomorrow? Once I made selecting stones part of my morning routine, I started to realize just how powerful they really are. I’m still realizing more each day, and it’s an amazing journey. I’d love to start a conversation about this. Please leave me your thoughts!! Like any subtle energy, the more we study and practice with gemstones, the more we become attuned to them, and understand them when they speak to us. I’m excited to become master of my own universe, and I hope you are too.


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