The Healing Vibes of Garnet

The Healing Vibes of Garnet

This gorgeous burgundy crystal is rare and powerful. It comes from the Latin word for pomegranate and because of this is closely related to the goddess Persephone. 

The story of Persephone has been told several different ways but every historian concludes that the goddess of death and springtime was not kidnapped, as much as she made the best out of her situation

The story goes that Persephone, the daughter of Zeus and Demeter, eat from the pomegranate and became the Queen of the underworld. And once a year on the first day of spring, she comes back to the service to help the flowers bloom. 

This story helps us understand the magic that is Garnet.

Garnet is believed to be the master of balancing energy. It’s vibrations are like a deep breath that encourages you to inhale possibilities and let go of disappointments. Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners use garnet in their healing practices because they believe that it’s energy helps the life source in your body flow so that you can heal you and manifest.

Garnet is also used in Reiki as de-clutterer of the root chakra so that you can stay grounded as you move forward in your spiritual journey.

But my favorite thing about garnet is that it gives you courage to be your multifaceted self.

Just like Persephone is both the goddess of spring and the underworld, Garnet gives you the ability to navigate all the different true parts of yourself. 


Garnet can also be used in ritual.

It’s correspondences are Venus, the tarot card Temperance, and peonies. 

It should be no surprise that garnet is aligned with Venus. Venus is all about affection, self-expression, and treating yourself. This correspondence is so powerful that jewelry makers view Garnet as just as precious as Rubies.

The tarot card temperance is made up of an angel and 2 cups. Her significance within the story of the fool cannot be ignored. She provides refuge and nourishment after the fool sees death and calamity for the first time. Garnet has that same exact energy. The vibration calls us to put ourselves first so that we can be better humans on this earth.

Peonies and garnets are basically sisters. It's kind of rough around the edges but still makes you smile. Their energy is calming and boisterous. Think courage to know exactly who you are and be that loudly. 

So if you want to use garnet in a spiritual capacity keep these correspondences in mind because when they work together magic happens.

Mind your magic xx,

Rhea from the Persistent Pestle


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