Tourmalinated Quartz or Rutilated Quartz, what’s the difference?

Tourmalinated Quartz or Rutilated Quartz, what’s the difference?

I used to refer to all quartz with internal striations as rutile Quartz, since the word rutile refers to the inclusion inside the quartz. But I am changing my ways! I have learned that the black rutiles within quartz are actually black tourmaline (hence the name, tourmalinated!) I know it is a mouthful, but I am going to change my way of calling it, because I believe it is important to call something what it is!

So what is it? Black tourmaline is a crystal that sometimes grows on its own, and sometimes appears within quartz crystals, as the thin strands of tourmaline grow within a trigonal system.


I love these two stones separately, and do tend to believe that together they create a kind of super stone. The way I see it is this. We know that black tourmaline is great for grounding. It works with the base or root chakra and helps to provide strength and focus starting with your emotional ties to the earth.  When we are grounded, we feel protected and at ease.
Quartz, on the other hand, is a stone for enhancing. When you are centered and grounded, there is no better time to experiment with elevating and enhancing your vibrational field. Quartz is soothing and familiar to the touch, while being a great boosting crystal for any meditation. Also, for the record, quartz crystal is said to impact all the chakras.
When black tourmaline and clear Quartz come together, the effect for me can be summarized by “the stone that makes you psychic.” Let me explain why. When I feel more grounded and secure, my auric field is more open to receiving information. The boost from the quartz with the tourmaline INSIDE it seems to really do it better in my opinion than wearing the stones separately.
And why a ring? I love rings. We all do so much with our hands. Every day! Our hands (evolutionarily speaking) have gotten us this far, and each day, they take us further. Wearing crystals on my hands has always felt like a way of boosting my intentions for my day to day tasks at hand.  Wearing tourmalinated quartz on my fingers assures me that for the time I am wearing it, I am instilling a mantra into the stones, then into my hands, that my work will be grounded, connected, enhanced by the spiritual forces around me (if possible) and therefore, blessed. Thoughts are things, and thoughts put INTO things turn thoughts into something we can hold. For power, strength, fortitude, wellbeing, self love, family love, faith, hope, grounding, literally... YOU NAME IT! for thousands of years humans have been using gemstones for the purpose of enhancing, focusing, and inserting intention into their daily lives. Maybe you don’t believe it yet, but feel intrigued. Or maybe you have tried them and feel frustrated that you aren’t doing it right? I am here to help. Let’s get intentional together and use the tools our great mother has given us. Peace, love and gemstones.

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Just a correction – rutile is a mineral,, rutiliated quartz means there’s rutile inclusions in the quartz, and tourmalinated quartz has tourmaline inclusions. Both are exceedingly beautiful.


Kinley, Yes! They actually GROW together!

Emily Maultsby

Are the two crystals fused together two make one or?


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