Why we should all shop SMALL

Why we should all shop SMALL

My goal is to shop small for as many products as I can. I understand, however, that the biggest problem small businesses face is getting their message in front of new customers. I want to use my website as a place to aggregate some data about small businesses that I love and buy from myself. If this sounds interesting to you, keep reading!

So here's a question I ask myself daily:

Should I buy it off Amazon?

Well, most of the time, I think we all know what that answer is: It's just so convenient! Amazon is there for us attending to our every need in one place. The trucks are everywhere, the name is everywhere. But what kind of society does that really leave us with? A society where all the wealth is in one place? Why are we giving all the wealth and power to a few people we don’t even know? Just because they were clever enough to make our lives easier? Does that actually help make our lives easier in the long run?

I don't think it does.  So I want to offer my ideal alternative: taking an extra minute every time you are about to do some online shopping, and figure out a small business to support instead of Amazon. Knowing that the money we spend with a small business is literally putting clothes on people’s backs and food in their fridge, will make you feel good about spending the extra minute. Think about it! A small business focusing on making only one product very well is able to make something more masterful, beautiful, meaningful. In other words, a superior product! There is no reason when given the option not to choose the higher quality product that is more beautiful and artfully made. Come on. We should be surrounding ourselves with meaningful and beautiful objects! But wait, it was harder to find that boutique brand of toilet paper or shampoo? It cost a little more? You had to wait more than one day for it to get to your house? 

Now I want you to think about yourself. Think about whatever thing you are trying to make, do, or sell, to earn money. Now imagine if every other company you spent money at knew about what you sold, and bought it from you when they needed it, instead of going to Amazon! Your network would be as big as the money you spent, and those people would spend money with you! To me, this is the perfect small business economy, and it is more possible than ever to start building our small business communities!

Imagine how wonderful a world would be where the people and things you buy from were from people that also bought from you! And the more you spent with them, the more they did too! So you both just get to keep making the thing that makes you happy, and your lives literally supported each other. 

The vendors I would like to add to my list must be in line with my values: cruelty free, vegan, organic, handmade or artisan. If you work with or own a business that is in line with these principals, regardless of what you provide, comment a link to your business at the end of this post! Also reach out to me on Instagram! I want to live in a world where we spend our money on goods and people that make this world more beautiful and unique place to be. And I hope you do too! Peace, Love and Gemstones


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