Why are Gemstones Powerful?

Why are Gemstones Powerful?

Wow. I’m so glad you asked. I definitely have some theories on this and I am more than happy to share them! Let’s start by describing what gemstones actually are. Or more specifically, what rocks in general actually are. They are composites of sediment from liquid earth (magma) that gets smashed together under enormous weight and sometimes heat. Rocks and gemstones are physical manifestations of the elements. 118 of them (elements) to be exact. The 118 elements present themselves in different combinations, which show as different crystalline patterns, and cause gemstones to be different colors and have a different feel. For example, quartz, an amazingly simple crystal, is only made of the elements silicon and oxygen. We have both of those elements inside our body.

clear quartz ring

So far scientists have been able to identify half of the known elements inside our body. That’s 60 different elements. Think of how many crystals are made from those 60 elements. I would guess that as our technology improves we will find all 118 elements actually exist inside the body. I would guess that saying to be true, that an entire universe exists inside us.


And on that note, I will take a leap of faith in describing this next part. It’s a little out there. Basically, it’s about vibrations. WE are about vibrations. Everything inside us is vibrating. All the time. Each element also has its own unique vibration. To think of it in a rudimentary way; the sound made when tapping on an aluminum pan, compared to the sound made tapping on wood. Elements have different vibrations. Emotions have different vibrations. Think of the feel of a happy person walking into the room, versus an angry person. How do they change the energy or vibration of the air around them? It’s definitely palpable.


Now imagine for a moment we were to discover that there were actually 118 different emotions, and each one had a distinctly unique vibration that happened to each match up with an element. Maybe the vibration for aluminum matches the vibration of the emotion sadness, and when elderly people who carry the sorrow of old age use aluminum, maybe the vibrations resonate and become stronger, and maybe they contribute alzheimer’s.

aluminum can

I believe that our internal vibrations can be enhanced with resonant frequencies from complementary elements. Carrying a large piece of the element that can enhance your particular vibrations on any given day can be extremely powerful and I believe effective. There are definitely elements in this world with frequencies that I do NOT want to carry with me. Aluminum, Brass, Steel, Plastic to name a few - these are a few examples of elements that I believe negatively impact my body when I interact with them. Think of someone crunching aluminum foil with their teeth. UGH! right? Some vibrations are just YUCK.

clear quartz crystal

But other vibrations are YUM. Those are the ones that resonate and enhance our wonderful, magical qualities. Our ability to be calm like an ocean, our ability to attract the things we want, our ability to heal, to be confident, to vibrate like the soothing tones of the universe. When we carry beautiful gemstone crystals, THESE qualities are enhanced. Now think of wind chimes. If you take one wind chime off, the sound isn’t right. The person that designed the wind chime designed them all to harmonize together. Our bodies are like that. Sometimes something is off with one of our emotions and our vibration is not quite right. This is where I believe gemstones can naturally enhance a targeted emotion, and tweak that vibration enough to “balance the chakra” or clear the stagnant energy.

rutile quartz and rose quartz


I could definitely continue, but I will save more for another day. The kids are awake and mom duty is calling! I hope you enjoyed our journey into the unknown and slightly ridiculous, but who knows, maybe there really is some truth to all of this! Which side of history will you be on?

As always, have a beautiful day.


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