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About Us

Our Story

 Emily Rose Gems was born on the belief that everyone should have access to quality, artisan jewelry and gems – even those on a budget. We are dedicated to creating authentic gemstone jewelry that is also ethical, affordable, and comfortable for everyday wear. Simply put, our jewelry is made by women who wear it.


All of our pieces are designed in the Emily Rose Gems studio in Massachusetts, and handcrafted in Jaipur, India – the gemstone jewelry capital of the world. There, we partner with a six-generation, family-run jewelry store with a shared passion for stones. Our partnership has allowed us to bring quality gemstone jewelry to you, fair-trade and at a fraction of the price.

Emily Rose Gems is a women-run business. While Emily spearheads each design, our partner in India helps bring them to life. Our partner was the first woman in her family’s business, and one of the first (and few) women in Jaipur’s jewelry industry. 

Our Jewelry


Gemstones are the heart and focus of Emily Rose Gems. Each piece is designed with the stone at the center. The gemstones are then framed with a simple setting, or delicately threaded on cotton, to capture their purest beauty.

 All designs use authentic, small-batch and ethically-sourced gemstones. The stones are set in sterling silver or 14k gold plate over silver, resulting in affordable, eye-catching pieces that will last. Our beaded strands use cotton thread, with knots in between each bead. Not only is the most comfortable way to wear gemstones, it is also the most therapeutic.

Designer Emily Rose Maultsby has always been inspired by gemstones. Not only for their beauty, but also their healing properties – The way each stone feels different. They way each stone has the ability to make a person feel different. In hard times, gemstones became Emily’s therapy. And to this day, she wears her gemstones as talismans for balance and energy.

Each morning, before saying goodbye to her husband and getting her three boys ready for the day, Emily takes time to choose which gemstones she will wear. She chooses stones based off how she is feeling, what she needs, and which will give her the best energy for the day. Amazonite for courage. Druzy for balance. Rose quartz for self-love. “We’re creating a language with gemstones,” she explains.

That is why our designs are so focused on BIG gemstones, so that you can see and feel their effects. Large gemstone rings that you can feel on your whole finger. Beaded, cotton strands that allow you to feel the gems in their most natural state. Powerful and comfortable.