Meet My Celebrity Collectors

 I'm always so thrilled when celebrities wear our gems, and even more so when they post images of themselves enjoying them. Here's a peek at some of our favorite celebrity collectors, and you can click to read more to support any of their gem obsessions! You can also view their unique collections and see which gems they have each gravitated toward.


 Kelly Chase

You may recognize her from Love is Blind on Netflix, but Kelly Chase has been busy the last few years making a name for herself as an inspiration to many. She's an avid collector of Emily Rose Gems, and is most often seen sporting our classic black onyx teardrop ring...

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Lauren Chamblin (LC)

You may recognize LC from one of her recent Netflix shows, Love is Blind and Perfect Match!  Lauren has been spotted on each wearing our gems, specifically our Larimar ring, and protective black onyx teardrop...

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Lauren Lograsso

Lauren is a People-Mag featured Music Artist, and she has an awesome podcast about unleashing your inner creative! You can check out her website here, or simply follow one of her many awesome instagram accounts! We love seeing Lauren wearing our rainbow moonstone ring. She's hardly ever spotted without it!

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Jordan Gibson

Jordan is a model/photographer that found us a few years ago on instagram when we were just starting out. We LOVED Jordan's look and he fell in love with our gems! A beautiful friendship was formed...

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Helena of Squish & Co

Helena is the creative powerhouse behind the brand Squish & Co, which specializes in beautiful wearables and more from every known fiber art under the sun. In addition to her amazing works, Helena is also at the center of her own self made fiber arts community, where she keeps a hilarious tiktok channel...

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