Ring Sizing

Having trouble remembering your ring size? Jason Wither's of Cherry-Design has released a super handy application that we recommend to our customers ALL. THE. TIME. You can find it on Google Play or on the App(le) Store.

You will need to have a ring in the size you'd like to measure.

A Few More Notes About Sizing:

- on the ring sizer app, the circle needs to be DIRECTLY under your ring to be properly read
- More people order rings that are too large than too small
- The thinner the band, the looser the fit
- The larger the stone, the looser the fit
Keep these pointers in mind, and also remember you can easily exchange your ring for another size!
If you don't have a ring to use to measure, we recommend this handy contraption from amazon. For 10$ you will be able to learn the sizes of all of your fingers!

If You Have A Ring And It's Too Large:
Click Here for a handy product from Amazon that will keep your ring from slipping off. 
What if I have to Return it?