Collection: WHOLESALE

Attention Nail & Hair Salons & Wellness Centers! 

Earn additional income and offer your clients a treat that will perfectly compliment your existing services.  Our jewelry is designed to bring out the natural beauty in everyone, and our high quality gemstone and silver pieces come in a variety of styles and stones to suit every taste and budget.  By offering our jewelry to your clients, you can enhance their overall experience at your shop while earning you extra cash. 
I invite you to take a few moments to explore our website and discover the stunning jewelry that we offer.  Our styles range from dainty and delicate, to statement pieces that steal the show, all crafted with care and attention to detail. 
If you are interested in learning more about how you can become a reseller of our jewelry, click below. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have, and to provide you with more information about our reseller program.  We look forward to the possibility of partnering with your shop to bring joy and beauty to your clients. 
References from our current resellers are available on request.

"It's been easy to get my customers to become Emily Rose Gems collectors. They can't wait to see the latest offerings." - A Nail Salon

"I love the extra income, with very little effort. My customers love the large gemstones at affordable costs." - A Wellness Center



Q: What sizes should I buy?

A: It's always best to start with sizes 6.5-8.5, as the majority of people can wear one of those sizes.

Q: Can I return something I don't sell?

A: You may return any unsold inventory four (4) times a year for store credit.

Q: What is the minimum I need to spend to start?

A: Our wholesale discount code will work once you add $500 RETAIL value items into your cart.

Q: How should I display my rings for my customers?

A: A small collection looks great in a bowl with rice or dry beans, or you can buy a small display box (there are many on amazon!) Here's one we love

Q: How do I get my rings as soon as possible?

A: Be sure to shop from our quick ship inventory. That way you will have your gems within the week you order them.