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Clear Quartz Classic

Clear Quartz Classic

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Clear Quartz Wide Matte Teardrop Ring in Gold Vermeil

For me, clear quartz is the most basic and necessary crystal to work with. I lean on clear quartz for its versatility and healing.  When I wear it, I experience mental clarity that tunes me into my higher self and brings me into a meditative state.  Clear like rain and reflective like water, clear quartz is simple, fundamental, and universal. 

This exclusive Clear Quartz Ring features a 16mm matte wide teardrop clear quartz cabochon bezel set in gold vermeil on a 2mm round hammered band. The back of the setting is imprinted with 925 as a stamp of the sterling's authenticity and durability.  The back of the ring is open, exposing the gem to touch and light. Available in whole and half sizes. Designed in Massachusetts and handcrafted in India, with high-quality materials and ethically sourced stones. 

Each ring comes with a card that holds information about the crystals and their meaning.

Product Specifications:

  • Matte Clear Quartz Gemstone
  • 925 Gold Vermeil hammered band
  • Bezel Set
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